Visiting Procedures

(Updated December 2020)

Thank you to all our customers who have come out to enjoy our Stonington Vineyards community and who have respected our safety policies so we could have an enjoyable season.

The following guidelines are in place so we can provide an enjoyable experience this winter for our customers while keeping all of our collective safety & health in mind.  Here is what we have implemented as recommended by the CDC and state of Connecticut in PHASE 2.1:

  • Please do NOT visit the winery if you have a fever, are experiencing any symptoms or have been exposed to anyone who is sick or has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • If you are in a high risk category, remember this is a public space. Anyone who is visiting the vineyard does so understanding the potential risks.
  • We are currently open for both indoor and outdoor (weather dependent) service. There is a very limited capacity indoors. We are not able to accommodate larger groups indoors at this time unless booking a private event after hours.
  • We are not allowing groups larger than 8 at one time indoors. If you want to do a tasting, our group policy for 7 or more guests still applies.
  • Private social gatherings are limited to groups of 25 people or less. This will be strictly enforced. Children are included in these numbers.
  • All winery staff will be wearing masks.  We require that you wear masks when not eating or drinking. We will not allow you to make purchases from any of our bars without wearing a mask.
  • We will be sterilizing often.  We will provide hand sanitizer at our major entrances and exits.  Please feel free to bring your own hand sanitizer for your personal use as well. Bathrooms will be available and will be sanitized often.
  • Please maintain appropriate social distances with other groups at all times.  This requires a minimum of 6 feet between groups.  You can not move our tables that we have setup and seating provided by the winery is limited.  Please bring your own chairs, blankets, etc… for sitting outdoors weather permitting.
  • We require customers to follow all signs and guidelines posted on the property. Failure to comply will result in you being asked to leave.
  • We will allow customers to visit on a first come first serve basis. If we have reached maximum capacity, we will not be able to accommodate your group. At some point we may change to a reservation basis on weekends.
  • We are allowing visitors 90 minutes for their visit if indoors. This is so we can allow other customers to enjoy our offerings as well. If outdoors, there is no limit.
  • Glasses are provided for customers who are doing a paid tasting.  For customers who will be purchasing glasses or bottles for on-site consumption, you can bring your own, we will provide you with disposable plastic cups for your use or you can purchase glasses for $5 that you must take with you. We will not be reusing glassware.
  • It is now MANDATED that anyone wanting to have wine at the winery (tastings, a glass or bottle) for on-site consumption must purchase food from the winery. You are allowed to bring your own picnics but this does NOT count toward the food you have to purchase. The food purchased has to be a reasonable amount to be considered a “meal” by the number of guests in the group (ie: you can’t purchase and share one cheese plate). You also are only allowed to have wine on-site while you are waiting for your food or have your food. You cannot have wine without food at the table. This is a new regulation that was just mandated by the DCP and the DECD.
  • Kids are welcome onsite however can not be running around the property. They must follow all social distance guidelines.  If this will be a challenge, consider having an adult only visit for now.
  • Please be patient.  We are doing our best to balance your experience with your safety.  Your support, understanding and flexibility during this time is greatly appreciated!