Our Craft

At Stonington Vineyards we believe that the soils and microclimate of our vineyards are particularly suitable for growing the varieties of grapes we have selected and love. The vineyards are strongly influenced by the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Long Island Sound, just a few miles to the south. Ocean water temperatures create a maritime microclimate similar to that in Bordeaux. We believe that low yields tend to enhance the varietal character of the grapes and improve the quality of the resulting wines. In most years, the vines are cluster-thinned to 2 1/2 to 3 tons per acre. At harvest, all of Stonington’s vineyards are hand picked to optimize quality. We have approximately 6 1/2 acres of Chardonnay and 3 1/2 acres of Cabernet Franc.



Stonington Vineyards has been fortunate from our very beginning to have the winemaking talents of Mike McAndrew. What makes Stonington Vineyards unique is not just the vines, location and microclimate…But the people who dedicate their lives and careers to making our vineyard what it is today for everyone to enjoy. Mike’s passion for his craft is evident in our wines and we welcome you to learn a little more about our winemaker by reading about him on our MEET THE TEAM page.