John Craig Art

John Craig Art Opening

Saturday, April 24th

Come and see the new installation of local artist, John Craig on Saturday, April 24th! Join us for an intimate evening enjoying local art & local wine. This local artist is going to be bringing new pieces that will be available for that night only!  We will be serving wine by the glass or bottle, and will have Gourmet Galley Catering shareable platters for purchase. While this is a complimentary event, we have a very limited capacity indoors, so RSVP is required.


John is a self-educated abstract artist, working in acrylic on paper, panel and canvas. He uses a plastic putty knife or a strip of plexiglass (after Gerhard Richter), or a strong right arm (splat). Jackson Pollock, or one of his chroniclers, allegedly coined the term “action painting”, which he translates to mean “there is no plan”. He says “I never know what I have until I’m done. Surprise!”

John was born into the Navy, went to school in the midwest, served in Vietnam (where he lost his hearing), and spent 37 years as an insurance underwriter on both coasts, ending up in North Stonington, CT. About this time he began to paint, propelled by the need both to create something and to stay out of his wife’s hair. He is functionally deaf and has ADD. The latter informs his preference for undisciplined abstract painting, as he lacks the patience for traditional forms. When painting, he is hyper-focused. Each piece becomes an event that reflects the energy he puts into it.


Feel free to reach out to John to learn more about his custom paintings: 


Follow him on Instagram: @jc_energy_art